Piggybank Clothing Company is not a ordinary fashion clothing line. It is an authenic brand that represent today's culture. One of the clothing line fashion currency symbol logo symbolize money which is a major motivator. The main logo which is a pig holding a money bag which pulls everything together deriving at the name Piggybank. Our line of clothing and branding is full of vibrant colors an exclusive clothing. The true meaning of authenticity in art is being true to your craft, so i implore you to be yourself, be different, be authentic, and be you. Most important stay authentic

Emerging out of Miami, USA, Benfrank is a sensational Rapper, Record Producer aiming to take over the globe! Roberto Benjamin (AKA BENFRANK) is the founder & CEO of PIGGYBANK ENT. Roberto Benjamin is an American Independent Record Executive & Entrepreneur. Benfrank has a track record in numerous business. Piggybank Ent has two prominent artists, Newk which was the first artist to sign, and later following Newk Piggybank other artist, Brando. With these two high performers, their talents piggybank has the potential to go over and beyond whats considered good music.
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